Rediscovering a Nordic Spirit


Masterclass with Rasmus Poulsgaard

Akvavit - Rediscovering a Nordic Spirit by Rasmus Poulsgaard and Sune Urth

The work with their book "AKVAVIT - Rediscovering a Nordic Spirit" took Rasmus and Sune around the world in search for bartenders and new techniques. The result will be revealed during the festival, but sign up for a seat at the masterclass or swing by the stall and buy your signed copy at a festival discount.

Spirikum Product Awards


Who will be the winner of the Spirikum Product Award 2017? Gold, silver and bronze is awarded in the categories:

Kryddersnaps - flavoured spirits made with extractions of botanicals.

Distilled Snaps - flavoured spirits made with distillates of botanicals

Aged Aquavit - Aquavit* matured in wood or other vessels

Unaged Aquavit - white Aquavit*

*Regulation (EC) 110/2008 Annex II §24


Here you can find all the information you need to come and join us for a day of fun and shenanigans. We are looking forward to seeing you.