It is with great pleasure we can disclose that Åhus - Absolut's endeavour into aquavit - will be joining us at Spirikum. we are looking very much forward to see what comes out the kettles in Åhus.

Galla dinner event is now online

We're glad to tell that the galla event or "Smørrebrødsgilde" is now online. Tickets can be bought through  madbillet.dk and more info can be found here. We are looking forward to seeing you all.

More from Norway

Last year's Gold Winner in the Category "Aged Aquavit" Hellstrøm has added themselves to the ranks. We'll look forward to seeing them again. It's damned good spirit.

Norway is on

We are glad to welcome Oslo Håndverksdestilleri to the festival. They make great spirits and are shockingly nice people too.


We hereby declare the bazar open - tickets are live for the daytime events, and can be bought >>HERE<< - We are looking forward to seeing you all in September!


From Finland we are happy to announce that Ägräs Distillery is coming. They make amazing aquavit, and are wonderful guys too. They may very well be using Spirikum 2018to launch their new barrel aged aquavit. We'll see.

New Year New Us

First off, thank you everyone who attended 2017. We had a ton of fun. So we're doing it again!

This year we do it differently though. And we are very pleased to invite everyone to swing by the tent on Israels Plads, and look forward to seeing you at the dinner afterwards. Tickets can be purchased through Madbillet from next week.

The first producers have already confirmed their presence - Nyborg Distillery and Vi.Er Akvavit will be there in strong numbers. There is murmurs from Finland and the US as well, and we hope to see Germany represented this year too.

Check back from timeto time for updates.


We gladly announce, without further ado, the winners in the 4 categories at SPIRIKUM 2017:


Schumachers Dild - GOLD

Nord Bøgesnaps - SILVER

Schumachers Rødgran - BRONZE



Helsinki Distilling Company - GOLD

Arcus Project No. 1. Fourage, Norsk Finmark - SILVER

Arcus Project No. 1. Fourage, Svensk Skov - BRONZE



STRAND Brænderi Dry Aquavit - GOLD




Fadlagret Aquavit:

Hellstrøm Aquavit - GOLD

STRAND Brænderi SMØR Aquavit - SILVER

Qvänum Mat & Malt; Ekefadslagret Akvavit - BRONZE


New Distillery added

Strand Brænderi is a small experimental distillery under the Arcus umbrella in Norway. Rune who makes the spirit is packing his bags and flying down to show what he works with. We are looking forward to tasting his butter aquavit.