SPIRIKUM is the annual festival for lovers, makers and drinkers of Snaps and Aquavit.

Spirikum is the annual summit and melting pot for producers of snaps and aquavit from all over the world. At Spirikum you can meet distillers and producers up close, and get to talk to the people behind the bottles. This year we have partnered with Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival and are thrilled to present the festival on Israels Plads in the heart of Copenhagen.

Spirikum is arranged in a collaboration between Arcus A/S, Copenhagen Distillery, and Schumachers.

SPIRIKUM 2018 can be attended in a number of ways:

Buy a ticket for the festival – the 150kr ticket gives you access to the circus tent where you can talk to producers and distillers, Duck & Cover will do a pop-up cocktail  bar, there will be master classes and free samples of everything. See below for a list of attending producers. Notice that there wll be no distributors and retailers. Only actual producers are to be present.

Buy a ticket for the Galla – the 375kr evening tickets gets you an ivitation to the galla event, smørrebrød, snaps and aquavit, music, speeches, songs and much more. Sit down with the people who make the spirit, and hear their stories in an informal setting.

Are you a producer? Go to madbillet to buy a ticket for the BtB symposium. We have hotdogs and yoga and excellent speakers waiting for you.

The tickets are all sold through www.madbillet.dk – find the link below.


Norway is on

We are glad to welcome Oslo Håndverksdestilleri to the festival. They make great spirits and are shockingly nice people too.


From Finland we are happy to announce that Ägräs Distillery is coming. They make amazing aquavit, and are wonderful guys too. They may very well be…

When and Where

September 1st – 2018.

The tent with the festival will be open from 11am to 4pm. Masterclasses, free samples, cocktails and general merriment. In the evening you can buy your seperate ticket for the distillers’ dinner with smørrebrød, snaps, aquavit and beer. (7pm-late)


Israels Plads by Nørreport Station

2300 Copenhagen
See map


The day ticket costs 150 dkkr pr person and comes with a tasting glass from Holmegaard Perfection

375 dkkr: Spirikum Gilde! – See the lions! Food, beer, snaps and aquavit with the producers.



Producers and distillers show up with their own products. Spirikum is a unique chance to see the elephants that make the Snaps and Aquavit that we all love. Many of the producers bring products exclusive to Spirikum. Stay tuned as the attending producers will be announced as they confirm.

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What happened in 2017

We met a lot of people, had a lot of fun and made some new friends. The festival was held at Copenhagen Distillery on Kløvermarksvej.

Do you have a speciel question that need a speciel answer?

Contact at info@spirikum.com


if you can’t find an answer here, write us an email at info@spirikum.com.

Q: How can I pay at the festival?

A: You’ll need to buy tokens at a token outlet. It’s a tax thing. In the outlets you can pay with all major creditcards, cash and mobile pay.

Q: Are children welcome?

A: Spirikum is a spirit event and unfortunately hold little to no interest for children. That said, we are not going to turn your kid in a stroller away.

Q: How about age limits?

A: Danish law forbids serving of alcohol to people younger than 18. So you’ll need to be 18 to by a ticket. We reserve the right to reject, without a refund, anyone who fails to show valid ID upon request.

Q: Is smoking permitted?

A: Outside in the designated areas, yes.

Q: How do I buy a ticket?

A: Look here

Q: Why do you write Aquavit and Snaps, is there a difference?

A: Yes; Snaps is what we call a flavoured spirit in Danish. An Aquavit is a Snaps that is predominantly flavoured with distilled dill and/or caraway. There is even some law around it, here it is:

Regulation (EC) 110/2008 Annex II §24:

  1. Akvavit or Aquavit is a caraway and/or dill seed-flavoured spirit drink flavoured with a distillate of plants or spices.
  2. The minimum alcoholic strength by volume of akvavit or aquavit shall be 37,5 %.
  3. Other natural and/or nature-identical flavouring substances (…) may additionally be used, but the flavour of these drinks is largely attributable to distillates of caraway and/or dill seeds, the use of essential oils being prohibited.
  4. The bitter substances must not obviously dominate the taste; the dry extract content shall not exceed 1,5 grams per 100 millilitres.