SPIRIKUM is all about the Nordic spirit.

A melting pot for producers of aquavit from all over the globe, and a solid grounding in the Danish tradition of Kryddersnaps. Through the year we’ll be arranging dinners, making pop-ups and curating tastings.

Spirikum is arranged in a collaboration between Arcus A/S, Copenhagen Distillery,
and Schumachers.

In 2019 we reinvent Spirikum. Rather than hosting one big event we’ve decided to spread our energy over as many activities as possible.

Tastings, speaks, presentations, a christmas market, articles, aquavit for everyone during the “Best Smørrebrød in DK” event under Copenhagen Cooking, a summer party where Dan has promised to come roast one of the pigs that has been raised on Copenhagen Distillery’s stillage from whisky, and marinated in a sea of aquavit and snaps. Stay tuned for tickets for the individual events.

When and Where

Spirikum Summer Party

August 29th,  (18 – late)


Copenhagen Distillery

Kløvermarksvej 70D

2300 Copenhagen
See map


Danmarks Bedste Smørrebrød, aquavit and cocktails

August 31st (full day event)


Israels Plads


Spirikum Christmas Show

November, (date to be announced)


Copenhagen Distillery

Spirits 2019

– coming up soon

Spirits 2018

Producers and distillers show up with their own products. Spirikum is a unique chance to see the elephants that make the Snaps and Aquavit that we all love. Many of the producers bring products exclusive to Spirikum.

What happened in previous years

Do you have a speciel question that need a speciel answer?

Contact at info@spirikum.com